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Last date for applications

31 Mar 2017

CET 14:00
Earliest project start is estimated to

1 Sep 2017

SSF Research Institute PhD 2016

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) is allocating SEK 20 million for a programme for research institute doctoral students. Each grant in the programme provides funding for research and postgraduate studies for a doctoral student who is employed at a Swedish research institute, in collaboration between industry and academia.

The grant runs for four to five years and shall result in a doctorate (Ph.D.). SSF expects to fund eight projects at SEK 2.5 million each (including indirect costs) in this call for proposals.

Research institutes play an important role in creating and spreading knowledge and technology in society and to promote innovation. According to the statutes of SSF, the foundation shall promote the development of strong research environments with high strategic relevance, promote research training and collaboration between academia and industry, and promote researchers mobility internationally and between universities / colleges, institutes and companies. SSF does this with programs such as Strategic Mobility (SM), Industrial (ID) and by supporting doctoral students working at research institutes, that is, through the Research Institute PhD programme.

All applications must be submitted by 14:00 hours (2:00 pm CET) on 31 Mars 2017. Earliest project start is estimated to 2017-09-01 but no later than 2018-03-31.

For more information, please contact:

Henryk Wos, Scientific Secretary, tel: 08-50581671, email: henryk.wos@stratresearch.se

Joakim Amorim, Program Manager, tel: 08-50581665, email: joakim.amorim@stratresearch.se

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