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Last date for applications

9 May 2017

CET 14:00
Earliest project start is estimated to

Earliest feb 2018

SSF Framework Grants for Strategic Research on Materials for Energy Applications

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research announces SEK 300 million in a national call for proposals for problem-, challenge- or application-driven research projects that meet the highest international scientific standards. The call aims to stimulate collaborative interdisciplinary research within the area of Materials for Energy Applications, of strategic relevance to present or future Swedish-based industry and to society.

Selected projects will be supported by grants of SEK 4-7 million per year for a period of 5 years (incl. overheads) to be used for salaries (senior researchers, postdocs, PhD students, etc.), research tools, and running costs according to the needs of the project. Funding for the last two years will be contingent upon a successful midterm evaluation.

The application period is long (4 ½ months). The intent is to reach out broadly, when it comes to  potential candidates and constellations, and to give them time to configure themselves optimally. The Foundation recommends applicants to put together interdisciplinary teams based on leading expertise, from various universities and institutes, and to cooperate with industry / public sector in terms of the formulation of research problems and implementation. Feel free to discuss this with faculty management, Grants Office and innovation office / holding company.

The gender balance in the constellation is also vital. SSF wish to see more female applicants. Our grant rate has historically been equal between men and women.


All applications must be submitted by 14:00 hours (2:00 pm CET) on 9 May 2017.

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For more information, please contact:

Mattias Blomberg, Scientific Secretary, tel.: +46-8-505 81 676, e-mail: mattias.blomberg@stratresearch.se

Joakim Amorim, Scientific Secretary, tel.: +46-8-505 81 665, e-mail: Joakim.amorim@stratresearch.se